Custom Software

We design custom software based on EPANET and EPANET MSX for advanced simulations, modelling, optimization and control purposes.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for water distribution systems security and water quality sensor placement.

Research and Innovation

Aqualligence team has a proven track record of high-quality scientific research in the areas of water security, sensor networks, as well as in water monitoring and control.

Modern Technologies

Aqualligence builds web-based, cloud-based or stand-alone tools on EPANET, Matlab, Python and C/C++.

 Profile of Aqualligence

Aqualligence deals with the design, development and realization of software and hardware solutions for smart water networks, to help water operators and consumers to enhance efficiency, security and quality.

Aqualligence is a startup cleantech company, based in Cyprus. It is comprised of a dynamic team with significant experience in research and technology, specifically in monitoring and control of large-scale systems, water systems monitoring and security, fault diagnosis and risk assessment, embedded systems, sensor networks, as well as in optimization, machine learning and computational intelligence.

The Aqualligence team has strong analytical and theoretical foundations on the scientific fields of control systems, signal processing, computational intelligence (neural networks, fuzzy systems and evolutionary computation), computer networks, wireless telecommunications, microcontrollers, optimization and embedded systems. These methodologies serve as a basis for the solution of problems related to the water systems domain. For this, different tools are employed, such as Matlab/Simulink, EPANET, C/C++, Python, Java, Web Applications.

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