Consulting & Training

We offer consulting and training services to water utilities regarding modelling of hydraulics and quality, selection of the best locations to install water quality sensors, as well as conduct advanced simulation studies and optimization.

Sensor Placement Software


We provide consulting services and software for

  • Hydraulic modeling of water distribution systems in the open EPANET format, based on CAD
  • GIS database for retrieving and editing water distributions networks (QGIS, PostGIS)
  • Hydraulic and Quality model calibration
  • Decision support for water quality sensor placement Software
  • Disinfection by-product modelling Software
  • Demand forecasting Software
  • DMA leakage detection Software
  • Contamination Evert Response Software
  • Manual Sampling Scheduling Software
  • Custom software development based on EPANET
  • Optimization and Control
  • Open-source and licencing

Interested in our Consulting Services?

If you are interested in exploring our consulting services in your utility, please contact us to discuss the available options, or to arrange a preliminary meeting at your premises.

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